We are thrilled to return for our fifth year hosting a stage at the weirdest street faire on earth, the How Weird Street Faire! This year for the first time we are thrilled to welcome our friends from National Entity who will be doing something never seen at a How Weird Street Faire ever before!! As well as our friends from Ancientyouth Soundsystem will be back with theVoid Acoustics soundsytems we all know and love!!!

:::: Line-up ::::
12-1 *Christine* (Pulse LA)
1-2 Thick as Thieves [Poli (Zero One Music) & Paul London (Pulse SF/Trick Music)]
2-3 Smoke Sign (Zenon Records, Pulse)
3-4 Groove Addict (Nano Records, India)
4-5 Hypnoise (Antu/Maharetta Records, Spain)
5-6 Khromata (Pulse SF/Digital Om) vs Paradigm (Pulse LA/United Beats)
6-7 Mad Maxx (United Beats Records)
7-7:50 Brian Sentient (Pulse LA/Zero One Music)

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