National Entity productions would like you to join us at the 7th annual “We Are One”

¤¤¤¤¤ THREE DANCE AREAS with AMAZING DJs !! ¤¤¤¤¤

** Herobust **

** BoomBox Cartel **

Yo Issac!
Frank Nitty
Atom ONE
Jon E Qwest
Dirty Beats

—-Room Hosted by So Stoked & Kandi Love—-
“”Featuring Hardstyle, Drum&Bass, Trance, Hardcore+more””
No Left Turn
Rafer Rawb
That SoberKid Feenix b2b A.N.T.
Saphyre b2b Elevener

Annual electronic music gathering and meet n greet.

This event is different from every event you have been to….
This is not just another party…..
This is a chance to dance to your favorite DJs and also discover new ones.
This is also an opportunity for YOU to get involved with the scene you love.
Local production crews will be holding booths for you to find out more information about the crew, and for DJs to submit demos to !
This is your opportunity.
Take it, Live it, Dance with it !!

Almost every DJ will be representing a different production crew within our community.

Partiers, Come out to represent your favorite crew ! Show everyone how your area code gets down !


¤¤¤¤¤ THREE DANCE AREAS with AMAZING DJs !! ¤¤¤¤¤

—–The Scene. This is our scene, we are living it now,
we are creating it, and we are enjoying it.

Every major area of northern California
has developed its own
culture, DJs, and sounds. Majorities of us have
been to at least one show from every area and have
noticed the difference, but have seen one thing in common:
our love. The love for the music and our scene.

We are all separate entities but collectively we are one.
Join us this may, as we all
come together to unite familiar faces and meet new people.—-

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