We believe that lighting is a key element in event production.

Lighting: It’s what creates atmosphere, the party vibe, and gives you a feeling that the music is that intense. Lighting also adds to developing the uniqueness to each production that your audience is looking for.


With our vast array of lighting tools at our disposal we feature:

  • – 20+ 230 watt Beam Moving Head Fixtures
  • – 8 350 watt 3 in1(beam,spot,wash) Moving Head Fixtures
  • – 8+ LED Moving Wash Head Fixtures
  • – 16 ColorDash Linear LED Par Can
  • – 48+ 3 watt LED SlimPars
  • – 18 Wireless Battery Operated 3 watt Par Cans
  • – 20+ LED Audience Blinders
  • – 16+ LED Strobes
  • – 16+ Wireless Battery Operated Pin Spots
  • – 4 Professional Water Based Hazers
  • – 4 Professional High Output Fog Machines
  • – 2 Chamsys Lighting Consoles

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We have 24 different blow up inflatables and silk prop structures. These inflatables really add an untouchable element to any room, giving it that 3D feel.

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Did you know that Lasers are the most powerful light source on earth. Their thin shafts of light and rainbow-pure colors, create a Science Fiction “Star Wars” style laser that leave audiences in awe.

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C02 Cannons

Co2 Cannons are a special effect that will take your show to the next level! It is great for mobile DJ’s, clubs, DJ booths, special events and more. Make your next something to be remembered with Co2.

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Staging and Trussing Capabilities

Structural reenforcement is vital in having a MASSIVE look to any stage. We carry global trussing and Dura-trussing.
For larger platform stages and convention booth style trussing, we work closly in unison with Stilldream.org
They carry a variety of Tri-Lite trussing and custom made elevated Platform stages for any occasion.

Together with staging, trussing, sound, and intense lighting, you can be confident in knowing that your audience will be blown away!

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